Friday, May 6, 2011

Republican Election Fraud!!! Funny isn't it, the ones who scream the loudest about stealing votes, are the ones stealing votes.

The railroad owner in the story below should at least get credit for turning himself in before anyone knew there was a problem, but that doesn't negate the fact that Republican voters will try to think of any way to game the system, all the while screaming about liberal voter fraud. WKOW 27:

Here's a sample of the problem that's turning up in other states, again, all Republicans. From Bradblog:
Indiana's Republican Governor Mitch Daniels will not be able to appoint a replacement for the recently elected Secretary of State Charlie White, who is currently under indictment for seven felony counts, three of them --- ironically enough for the state's chief election official --- for voter fraud. White used his ex-wife's residence for his voter registration and then knowingly voted at the wrong precinct (including for himself in last November's election), all while illegally serving on the Fishers Town Council despite not living in the town of Fishers. 
The ever-growing list of top Republicans --- which now includes both GOP superstar Ann Coulter and Utah's former governor and possible 2012 GOP Presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman among others --- who are alleged to have committed felony voter fraud and voter registration fraud. 
The charges against White play out against the irony of the GOP's oft-echoed but ever-unsubstantiated charges of a "Democratic voter fraud" epidemic, claimed as a propaganda tool to support new voter suppression laws at the polling place. 
On Tuesday, a New York Times editorial slammed what they called the latest "Republican Threat to Voting," as laws likely to disenfranchise millions of legal, Democratic-leaning voters are once again being pushed by GOP legislators in state after state. 
The effort is described as "the largest legislative effort to scale back voting rights in a century," as Republicans in "more than 30...states...[are joining] the bandwagon of disenfranchisement, as Republicans outdo each other to propose bills with new voting barriers."

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Teacher in Cheeseland said...

And I think Gardner's former girlfriend turned him in. Kind of off the main subject of the post, but what I want to know is why isn't it a bigger deal that Gardner had previously made an illegal contribution to Walker's campaign in 2005? (P.3 of
How in the world could he claim that he didn't know it was wrong? Just askin'...?