Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ryan's Shine Tarnished!!! Paul's Panicky Temper Tantrum Scary, Unnoticed by the Media.

After hearing a few short audio clips of Rep. Paul Ryan's response to Pres. Obama, I finally found the full video at CBS. (the audio's not so hot)

Rep. Paul Ryan had his feathers ruffled yesterday when Pres. Obama referred to Ryan's plan during his own budget proposal. The criticism was well deserved, with CBO numbers and all, and Ryan can't handle it.

It's wasn't so much the numbers for Ryan, which have been analyzed and discredited many times over. Instead, it was more a matter of someone daring to tarnish his undeserved reputation, that had him almost breathless in the video below. This is a public tempter tantrum. This is a hard line Ayn Randian, being called out for his extremist and partisan budgetary wish list of failed Republican policies.

Ryan's response, "I know you are but what am I?" Ryan made sweeping generalizations about the president. Ryan's personal attacks and fear mongering bordering on hysteria was what some would call unhinged. No substance, no grace, no class.

Ryan uncomfortably shifted back and forth in a frantic attempt to regain his credibility. Nice try.

If this is the guy driving our economic recovery, it's time to take away the keys. Ryan's apparently drunk and swerving all over the place with power.


Annie K. said...

really? I thought it was boring and trite, without substance. He seemed to be in character as the "passionate reformer" and looked "fired up" for a few seconds at the start, but then he looses any sense of truly speaking from the heart (look how many times he consults his notes - when ppl are speaking from the heart, they don't look at notes)
By the end he is bored w/ his own BS, just another prepared statement designed to be used in Fox soundbites.
As a temper tantrum, he has a long ways to go. I say just trying to look Firm For Fox.
However, I do think it carries an underlying message to Obama , and that seemed personal, kind of a non-verbal gut-level thing.
I do think that statement tells Obama they are not pleased with his attempt to no longer look like their obedient boy. I think the message is "get back in line fast". I see no panic or lack of confidence from these people at this point, I am surprised that you do.
Time will tell if whatever they think they got on Obama is going to derail this seeming independence or not. Lots of people will be waiting for more than words before getting enthused about the Obama plan I'm sure.

Democurmudgeon said...

It wasn't boring, but panicky. Understanding the media, Paul knows how far he can go emotionally, so from my read he's never acted like this. Wonky but not spewing rabid talking points and personally attacking his opponent. For Ryan, this was way over the top.

Ryan and Republicans were counting on Obama to hold off as usual, to not commit. They were wrong, no matter the end result.

They now have to sell their idea even harder, and that can be dangerous and overreaching.

Anonymous said...

Ryan's snarks actually pertain to himself and his party.