Friday, April 15, 2011

Brave Tea Party protesters risk it all this Saturday at noon, outside the Capitol.

The big Tea Party event, at the east wing of the Capitol and King St. at noon, will show their support for their administrative genius, Scott Walker. Big money is busing in the tea party from around the state, compliments of Americans for Prosperity.  

Joe the Plumber wasn't a major draw last time, with only a few hundred protesters showing just one day over a month long protest. So to rev things up, Sarah Palin agreed to make an appearance. But even that didn't prevent the organizers from hedging their bets by playing the fear card. No event would be worth attending unless tea party members weren’t victimized by loud angry liberal thugs.
The liberals are planning to drown us out, claiming that it is “their house.” Let’s show them that it’s the taxpayers-NOT the tax spenders who actually pay the bills to keep the Capitol running.
Yeah, that's what liberals would say....Great word play too but a little outdated, by a few decades. Even back then, Democrats spent tax money on public services. But since then, government has cut through the bone. Did you notice any change in the rhetoric about government spending over the last decade? Which should tell you something about the substance of their movement? There will never be a bottom low enough for these bottom feeders.
And since the substance of their movement lacks credibility, you’ll hear a lot about WINNING. And that’s what this is all about.
This is a chance to celebrate our recent victories and to rededicate ourselves to the work that remains to turn our state and country around.  
Check out the brave survivors who stood up to the month long, million strong protest, of liberal thugs and slobs:


grumbleweed said...

While I genuinely hope that Saturday's Tea Party event will be another DC-type damp squib, there is no escaping the fact that Palin is a celebrity and will likely bring a bigger crowd than Joe.

I am staggered by the divisions that Governor Walker has caused in Wisconsin. They have reached such a level that, as you mention, Tea Partiers think this is about winning or losing - that Prosser keeping his seat on the Supreme Court would mean half of Wisconsin's electorate have somehow 'lost'. This exemplifies the ludicrous polarization of today's attitudes and ideologies, and illustrates why our elected representatives find it all but impossible to reach any sort of compromise.

It is truly sad.

Democurmudgeon said...

Well said, thanks.