Thursday, September 3, 2015

Walker promises national roll-out of Wisconsin's phony energy plan "All of the Above."

Scott Walker took office at just the wrong time when it came to business and job creation centered on alternative energy.

Bad timing too, because coal mines are shutting down due to lack of demand, while state's around the country are focusing in on natural gas, solar and wind energy. The writings on the wall...but not if Scott Walker becomes president.

Walker's "All of the Above" spin is anything but, and the charts below prove that spectacularly:

According to Bloomberg News, Walker's the worst:
As far as wind and solar developers are concerned, the Wisconsin governor may be the worst man for the job.

Five years after Walker took office, renewable energy in Wisconsin is lagging the boom in the rest of the country and industry blames the two-term governor for the shortfall. Walker and his appointees have pushed new restrictions on windmills, cut tax incentives and research funding and last year imposed the nation’s highest fees on rooftop solar owners.

“Renewable energy isn't only confined to wind and solar,” Laurel Patrick, a spokeswoman, said in a statement. “Governor Walker wants residents and businesses to have as many options as possible when it comes to energy resources.” an “all of the above” energy policy that didn’t favor any particular source. 

Walker said the country needs as many different “energy options as possible out there and if I was in a position as president I’d advocate for that.” 
The Horrible Reality?
The state hasn’t added any new wind capacity since 2011, according to the Washington-based American Wind Energy Association. And no Midwestern state has added fewer megawatts of solar in that time, says the Solar Energy Industries Association, another Washington group. 

The state has made life harder in other ways, industry says. Wisconsin officials have refused to clarify rules on whether solar companies can lease their panels to homeowners, keeping out national players. Gary Radloff, a policy analyst at the Wisconsin Energy Institute, which conducts research with private sector energy companies, said Wisconsin’s become “an island of renewable-energy stagnation amid a sea of growth.” 

Walker: " I will continue to have the backs of police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and state troopers and treat them with the respect they deserve." Except for Overtime Pay.

Scott Walker actually said this:
"We must do more to protect those who protect us. Police officers across this country need to know that we have their back. As I’ve done throughout my career, I will continue to have the backs of police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and state troopers and treat them with the respect they deserve."
After Scott Walker actually did this:

Walker not only has to fork over the overtime pay he didn't think important, he's also cutting his security team in half and taking away their recent 4% raise. Would I kid you? From WKOW

Walker says Americans want his "divide and conquer" leadership in Washington!!!

Unfortunately, my rants about our dictatorial rightwing authoritarian governor and presidential candidate were right on the mark. Scott Walker even tipped his hand early on when he said he would run for president only if the Senate flipped into Republicans control. That was his not too subtle message that he wanted a one party system of government, devoid of resistance, or he wasn't going to try.

That for me was my epiphanic moment; for Walker, it's his agenda or nothing. Resistance will be futile.

Now within reach of the presidency, and as I predicted, Walker wants to grease the skids by getting rid of the Senate's filibuster. This is no small or random issue; just like in Wisconsin, Walker doesn't just defeat his opponents, he destroys them by making them irrelevant.

Despot Alert: In a shocking admission, Walker made it clear nothing would get in his way of carrying out his no compromise agenda. This is even more troubling than his Canadian wall comment. In Chuck Todd's final question on Meet the Press, which by the way was not included in the transcript, Walker was asked why his "divide and conquer" style would be a good thing in an already divided Washington. Not surprisingly, just the though of total control put fire in Walker's answer:

Todd: "The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a newspaper that endorsed you in 2010 and endorse you in 2012, recently called you the most divisive politicians in living memory. We have Washington here, I'll be honest with you, it's hopelessly divided, and polarized, and partisan. How do you somehow be the guy who unites us...what do you say to that...?"

Walker: "You know what Americans want more than anything? They want Washington to work. 

Coming together, working across party lines, we've seen for decades in this city, that politicians on both sides, I might argue Democrats more than Republicans on both sides, have largely worked together in ignoring the debt and deficit problem in the country ... so just working across party lines if it doesn't mean getting things done, is not what Americans are looking for.

What they're looking for are leaders who actually get things done. And sure, did I get some push back, yea because I came in and instead of talking about things, I'm gonna get right to work and start fixing things ... What I learned going forward ... You gotta talk about it and constantly explain to people what's at stake, what's at risk, what do we need to do to help future generations ... and that's what we did. Sometimes the status quo defenders don't like it, and their not going to like that a lot in Washington. But I don't  care. And that may mean some of the leaders of my own party. But I'm willing to push back on that. 

Cause I think American now more than ever want someone who's going to fight, but someone who's going to fight and win for them. That's actually going to get results, do it without compromising principles. I think more now than ever, we need a leader in America that's actually been tested, because we see how bad it's been when you have somebody who wasn't, that's the kind of leader I'll be."
UPDATE: Want more proof? You'll notice how Walker is now admitting he doesn't care about "the other" political party anymore:
“We’re going to shake things up in Washington when we get there. We’re going to wreak some havoc and put the American people back in charge. I think people have seen I’ve been able to wreak havoc in our state capitol on the big-government special interests. The difference is I governed like a red-state governor, and I lived in a blue state,” Walker told reporters.

Scott "Divide and Conquer" Walker blames Obama for Racial Tensions?

Logic and common sense tells us that when racial tensions increase under a black president, it’s because racists are not happy about who they see in the White House.

But turning that logic on its head, Scott Walker is peddling the idea that Obama is one drumming up racial tensions against whites. This isn’t even dog-whistle stuff anymore, folks. Since Obama became president, Republicans like Walker have successfully rationalized away racism as a device used against them by racist minorities trying to divide the country.
Exploitation to Divide Americans? Ya think?

It’s ironic really, since it was Scott Walker who was caughton video saying his goal was to divide and conquer his opponents.

Scott Walker is now leading the victimized white man’s attack against black racists who are demanding that their lives matter too, at the same time denouncing protesters redressing their government. He's vilified similar protesters in Wisconsin who turned out by the hundreds of thousands when he attacked labor, even comparing them to ISIS. Nice campaign strategy:
Scott Walker alleges ‘a rise in anti-police rhetoric’ under President Obama: Walker said Wednesday he was alarmed by the "disturbing trend of police officers being murdered on the job" and by the "rise in anti-police rhetoric" that has accompanied President Obama's time in office.
"Instead of hope and change, we’ve seen racial tensions worsen and a tendency to use law enforcement as a scapegoat. This kind of attitude has created a culture in which we all too often see demonstrations and chants where people describe police as 'pigs' and call for them to be 'fried like bacon.' This inflammatory and disgusting rhetoric has real consequences for the safety of officers who put their lives on the line for us and hampers their ability to serve the communities that need their help. We need to change the tone in America from chants and rallies that fixate on racial division."
Walker is fixated on banning dissent, which he sees as a divisive “tone,” and wants to replace it with positive messaging and happy talk. In other words, ignore the problem.
“Instead of focusing on what divides us, we need to concentrate on what brings us together."
Remember this Walker comment, that should have been a campaign killer, but wasn't:
On Aug. 21, Walker was asked if he would meet with representatives of the Black Lives Matter movement, and he answered: "Who knows who that is? I meet with voters. Who knows who that is. That is a ridiculous question. I'm going to talk to voters. It's a ridiculous question."
Giving America a clean slate, free of the racial struggle’s that brought us the Civil War and 60’s civil rights movement, Walker wrote this jaw dropping statement:
"This isn’t the America I grew up in or that I want my children to grow up in."
Walker’s strategy is similar to his party’s strategy; build on GOP misinformation that makes people “believe” what isn’t true:

AshLee Strong, spokeswoman for Walker’s presidential campaign, said “We’re drawing attention to a problem that needs to be addressed. When police are being targeted because of the uniform they wear, that’s a problem that needs to be dealt with. This is an issue that Americans believe is getting worse, not better.” According to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund, 107 police officers were killed in the line of duty in 2013 — the lowest number since 1949.   

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nevada let's parents reform education on their own with taxpayer money, because parents know what's best, right?

Thank you Nevada! Now we'll get to see what happens with a totally voucherized educational system where parents can devise any kind of reform they want, on their own. What a way to spend taxpayer dollars. And I thought Netflix's Daredevil and Amazon's Mozart in the Jungle was fun to watch:
The new school choice law in Nevada giving parents near-total control over the way state education dollars are spent on their children was heralded as "groundbreaking" and "historic" when the governor signed it in June … with hundreds of applications pouring in, state officials are encountering challenges as they try to put the law into practice without any roadmap.
Yup, no roadmap, no real plan. So what could go wrong when you leave educational reform up to…parents?
Parents can use their ESA money to pay tuition at any private school, including those that are religiously affiliated, or buy materials for home schooling. A parent could even use the money to mix and match courses and services from private and public sources to create a customized education for their child … They predict a sizable chunk of ESA applicants will opt to use their money to home school
Ye-ha, that sounds like money spent well. Republicans and private schools are already openly offering ways for people to get around the law:
To qualify for the program, students must have attended a public school for 100 consecutive days before applying for an ESA … Officials in the treasurer's office have been trying to find a work-around so students can become eligible without completely dropping out of their private school and enrolling in a public school.
Gaming the system is easy:
The treasurer's office has since tweaked some rules to allow students to take a single class at a district or charter school while remaining in private school or home school to meet the 100-day eligibility requirement.  

Got some extra time between your job and family, why not try managing your multiple ESA accounts for multiple kids. You can fit that in somewhere between shopping for health insurance, dealing with family illnesses and accidents, shopping for car-homeowners-life insurance, grocery shopping, staying on top of the kids homework, home disasters and improvements...etc. Who's got time to call your representative: 
Most families that sign up for ESAs will get 90 percent of the state money allocated to each child, about $5,000 per student, while low-income students and students with disabilities will get 100 percent, or around $5,700 … some students with expensive needs and possibly deter some poor students and students with disabilities from participating, said Rau of Nevada Succeeds.
Oh, after just a few months in existence, the voucher program is already under funding private schools, effecting the poor and disabled. Don't worry, corporate schools will ask for more of your money:

And despite a survey from the Friedman Foundation that found $5,700 would cover 80 percent of tuition at half of the state's private elementary schools, there's lingering skepticism that ESAs will really put private education within the reach of poor families.

Reporters "Blasted for comments " they supposedly put in Scott Walker's mouth on a Canadian Wall.

What's so hard to understand, really?
Scott Walker: “Some people have asked us about that in New Hampshire. They raised some very legitimate concerns, including some law enforcement folks that brought that up to me at one of our town hall meetings about a week and a half ago. So, that is a legitimate issue for us to look at.
And yet, his campaign staff in damage control said this:
“Despite the attempts of some to put words in his mouth, Gov. Walker wasn’t advocating for a wall along our northern border.”
Huh? See, reality isn't what you think it is, if you just take out seeing with your own eyes and hearing with your own ears. I even included the moment Walker repeated the possibility of a "wall," not seen or heard in many clips. Meet the Press:

A "Stand with Walker" Borg-ite was still denying reality. It seems nothing can sway her or them from their total devotion to this career politician, a guys who's been feeding off taxpayers for decades. Just a few tweets contradicting Walker's in your face support of a possible Canadian wall:

I mean seriously, who wouldn't believe the "source" of this denial:

Defying Supreme Court, Republicans now deny Gay Marriage Licenses under the "Authority of God."

A Kentucky county clerk has decided, like so many "Constitutional conservatives" have, to reject a law she doesn't believe in, like granting same sex marriage licenses. Don't you just love these cafeteria constitutionalists?

This amazing video has gone viral since the "U.S. Supreme Court Monday declined to intervene in the case, leaving Davis no legal grounds to refuse to grant the licenses."

A county clerk in Kentucky has again refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, invoking her religious beliefs and "God's authority" … Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis supporters said: "Praise the Lord! ... Stand your ground." Davis has said her deeply held Christian beliefs don't let her endorse gay marriages. Other activists shouted that Davis is a bigot and told her: "Do your job."
Of course clerk Davis can't imagine the chaos her idea might bring to the nation if everybody thought this way. There's no concept beyond me, me, me.

As I've mentioned before, Republicans like Paul Ryan have been pushing the idea that God's word, and bestowed rights, takes precedent over the U.S. Constitution. I never understood why the press didn't question this dangerous conservative viewpoint, and where it could lead, but it's like it's too late now:
Randy Smith, leading the group supporting Davis, said he knows following their instruction to "stand firm" might mean Davis goes to jail. "But at the end of the day, we have to stand before God, which has higher authority than the Supreme Court," he said.
Imagine if story clerks refuse to sell guns to customers because they believed it violated one of the Ten Commandments; "Thou shalt not kill."

Judi submitted this comment about our bible thumping cafeteria Christian and public servant, that bears repeating:
Guess she forgot THIS part of the Bible: Romans 13:1-7 New International Version (NIV) Submission to Governing Authorities....
13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience. 6 This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. 7 Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.
Conservative crazy guy Steven Crowder found an AP story that claimed she ran as a Democrat for a nonpartisan position as county clerk. Huh? Sure, never mind out poor picked on bigot is getting a little help:
Davis is being represented by the Liberty Counsel, a far-right fringe group that specializes in anti-gay litigation. When a federal judge ordered Davis to issue licenses or be held in contempt of court, the Liberty Counsel advised her to disobey the ruling. 
And yet Crowder did more to support my point here, by posting this typically conservative "I'm a victim" rant:
Get it America? THIS is the real war. This is not about cakes, photos, or the issuing of a marriage license in Rowan County, Kentucky. This is about taking down Christianity, which believes in moral right and wrongs, natural laws, and heaven and hell. Remember, the left doesn’t bat an eyelash if a Muslim bakery denies gay couples a cake. This is not about taking down religion, but Christians. With those pesky Christians out of the way, the left will be free to do what they want. If there is no God, there are no unalienable rights (as given to us by God). Clever leftists.
Folks, the real war against the left, Democrats, progressives and liberals. Conservatives won't be happy until they punish, vilify and destroy us. So why aren't Democrats fighting back?

Sunday, August 30, 2015

As County Executive, Walker blamed Gov. Doyle for high black unemployment; as Governor, Walker is now blaming high unemployment on poor policies in the city of Milwaukee.

First, a note to Chuck Todd; Scott Walker was Milwaukee County Executive and nearly bankrupt the county.

That would have made Todd's question even more relevant
Todd pointed to stark statistics for African-Americans in Wisconsin — the nation's highest incarceration rate for black males, a ranking of 50th in opportunities for African-American children, the black unemployment rate being double the national average — and asked why that was the case.
As usual, Walker blamed someone else for the problems in Milwaukee:
Walker pointed toward what he called "poor policies" in Milwaukee, saying it's why he has pushed for expansion of school choice.

Hold on there, a little Back History: In 2009, when Walker decided to run for governor, he claimed the problems in Milwaukee were caused by "poor policies" from...guess who, Democratic Governor Jim Doyle. But now as governor, it can't be Walker's fault? Check out this video from Upfront with Mike Gousha, that also includes his push for "shrinking" wages. You read that right:
Walker: (On doing away with more state jobs) "Yes...we're going to have to look at shrinking the size of government, we're going to have to look at shrinking more importantly, the size of wages and benefits..."

Remember, this all happened under Walker's watch back in May, 2009. Even then nothing was ever his fault:
Mike Gousha: "There are going to be people who say look, Milwaukee county has the highest poverty rate in the state, we're losing jobs in the city of Milwaukee, your largest municipality at a rate almost unmatched by any other big city. Do you share any responsibility for that?"

Walker: "Everybody does, but the state of Wisconsin has done specific things, policy wise, that have effected jobs here...if you look at the tax increases of $1.2 billion of new taxes..."

Mike Gousha: "Do you think you bare any of the responsibility for the numbers I just mentioned for the poverty rate, for the lack of employment right now in this community?"

Walker: "No, for us that's been an issue for years...politicians don't create jobs or eliminate jobs...!"
Walker never made the situation better in Milwaukee as governor, a fact pointed out by Todd. Walker as county executive actually agreed to dissolve the county, admitting that it was essentially bankrupt. From the Journal Sentinel's Dan Bice:
jsonline: Milwaukee County government is in such dire financial shape that state lawmakers should push through legislation that would allow it and other local governments to file for bankruptcy … the powerful Greater Milwaukee Committee is looking to recommend doing away with the elected county executive's post, slicing county worker benefits and spinning off the zoo, the bus system, the parks and much else under separate commissions.

(The Greater Milwaukee Committee tried to hide their report, saying) "We don't want this to become some sort of political football during the fall election campaigns ... If these dramatic steps - or something like them - aren't taken county government will collapse," the draft report suggests.
With Walker in charge....
The report also puts it this way: "If we don't make changes today … Parks will close, bus routes will end and families in distress will not get the help they need. Our Milwaukee will grow smaller and smaller as people and companies leave."
He made things worse, blowing a hole in economic development by rejecting the high speed rail project, which in turn killed train manufacturing in the city and related business development along the train route. Here's more of Walker's trade mark word salad:
"We've done all sorts of things," Walker said in response to a question about putting the blame on Milwaukee. "In fact, we put hundreds of millions of dollars in to try to help rebuild the economy out there, but again you've got to have leaders that are willing to use the tools that we've given them. Those are things that we're committed to, and as president I'm going to try to empower cities, towns, villages of all different sizes around this country to have more freedom and more liberties to do things without the restrictions from Washington and without some of the restrictions that you see … Our reforms have opened the door, and school districts like Milwaukee not only in my state but others across the country hopefully can use those reforms to do a better job of providing a quality education."

Forget health care, our crumbling infrastructure and education, Scott Walker thinks building wall on Canadian border "legitimate issue."

I think the following Scott Walker suggestion is taking anecdotal advice to a whole new level.

But Walker didn't listen to hundreds of thousands of protesters?
It looks like a few far right scaredy-cats got a little face time with Walker, and are now getting some traction by our pandering presidential wannabe. I wish I were kidding:
Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker says that building a wall along the country's northern border with Canada is a legitimate issue that merits further review. The U.S.-Canada boundary is the longest international border in the world at 5,525 miles long. Walker says law enforcement officials in New Hampshire brought up the topic of building a wall along the U.S.-Canadian border during a recent town hall meeting. He says they raised some legitimate concerns, so it's a "legitimate issue for us to look at."
Yes, it's very legitimate to Scott Walker, but mind numbingly bizarre for the rest of us. What next, underwater electronic nets spanning the Great Lakes too?

After hearing conservative radio callers insist that's not what Walker said, I thought it best to read his very unambiguous comment:
“Some people have asked us about that in New Hampshire. They raised some very legitimate concerns, including some law enforcement folks that brought that up to me at one of our town hall meetings about a week and a half ago. So, that is a legitimate issue for us to look at.”
And in classic Walker fashion, the media is accused of picking on poor victimized Scott Walker ...
“Despite the attempts of some to put words in his mouth, Gov. Walker wasn’t advocating for a wall along our northern border,” Walker spokeswoman AshLee Strong said in a statement.
But Walker isn't the only one easily distracted by the loony right:
New Jersey governor Chris Christie, on Saturday told an audience in New Hampshire he would ask the chief executive of FedEx to devise a system to track illegal immigrants like packages.
I thought the comment from Canadian spokeswoman Christine Constantin said it best: 
"It is a fact that no terrorists have been successful in attacking the United States coming through the Canadian border. All of the terrorists responsible for 9/11 were in the United States with visas issued by the U.S. government."

Republicans caught trying to "intimidate" Obama...?

The blind spot Republicans have over their own overblown victimhood is showcased by the GOP's biggest victim of them all; Scott Walker.

Walker says as much every time he brags about being the victim of liberal union protesters, who he says are trying to intimidate him. Most people would see that as a healthy constitutional right, but really, only a victim would thinks it's intimidation.

So using that same logic, here's a mindless policy tweet from RNC chair Reince Preibus. It's comforting to know the GOP has up to this point been nice enough to "tolerate" the twice elected president. But will Obama be "unintimidated?"

Just an amazing and unsettling comment!

At the same time Scott Walker caught skipping Overtime for his Bodyguards, GOP bashes Obama's Overtime reform. See an anti-labor pattern?

So Scott Walker didn't pay his personal security detail their earned overtime? Without taking a breath, "Stand with Walker" drones are already creating excuses for their "unintimidated" fearless leader...again:

Walker isn't even afraid to shortchange security staff paychecks? Now that's unintimidated. WKOW:

27 News has found the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) is requiring the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WISDOT) to award retroactive overtime pay dating back to May 19, 2013 to nine Wisconsin State Patrol officers who serve as bodyguards for Gov. Scott Walker and other state dignitaries. Since the State Patrol is a division of WISDOT, the officers are paid out of that agency's budget.
And as we all know, the transportation budget can’t afford another expense, without borrowing more money:
WISDOT Spokesperson Peg Schmitt said the agency was verbally notified of the decision by USDOL on Monday, August 24, but said officials have not yet determined how much it will cost state taxpayers.
It might be surprising to some that Mr. “Unintimidated” Scott Walker thinks he needs so much protection at such a high cost. But maybe they forgot this expense at the 2011 peaceful protests...:
More than 200 law enforcement agencies provided officers for security at the Capitol … in February (2011) (where) huge crowds showed up at the Capitol to protest Walker's separate budget-repair bill … The bill to pay law enforcement officials from all over the state cost taxpayers at least $7.8 million.
Unintimidated, really? If the governor were so beloved for doing what the people wanted, why so much protection?  
The cost for Gov. Walker's security detail jumped from $1.6 million in 2011 to $2.4 million in 2014. The out-of-state portion of that 2014 tab was $89,454, a number which is expected to jump up exponentially in 2015 with his run for the GOP presidential nomination.
The Feds had to step in? So why did Walker wait until the federal government had to be brought in?
Rep. Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) “Instead of waiting for the federal government to step in, the state should have paid these officers the overtime pay they were owed to begin with.”

Friday, August 28, 2015

Walker: "America must be, not only the land of the free, but the home of the brave. An America that is unintimidated."

Republican and former Nixon White House Council John Dean warned us few years ago about Scott Walker’s “rightwing authoritarian” characteristics and ambitions. Check it out here.

Some in the media have already declared him a “dictator in waiting.” Walker already said we need a foreign policy "that puts steel in the face of our enemies." 

We’re now at that moment of clarity. In a foreign policy speech at the Citadel in South Carolina, Scott Walker, career politician and foreign policy dufus, gave us all a glimpse at how he would eventually become ruler of the world:
"As president, I will send the following message: The retreat is over." 

"America will not be intimidated. And neither will I." 

"How can we possibly deter our sophisticated adversaries in Eastern Europe and our competitors in the South China Sea if we cannot defeat the barbarians of ISIS and roll back the theocrats in Tehran?"

"Clearly, we can no longer afford to be passive spectators while the world descends into chaos."

"Confronted by these two forms of evil, President Obama and Hillary Clinton seem somehow to believe they can sit on the sidelines, hoping Iran will defeat ISIS for them. They fail to realize that, in this prevailing anarchy, the two sides feed off of each other, growing stronger at the expense of our Sunni and Shia allies trapped in the middle."

"To believe that a stable and lasting Middle East can be built by working with Iran, any more than by working with ISIS, isn't statesmanship. It is pure fantasy."  
In an even more frightening threat, especially after seeing Walker destroy his political opponents in Wisconsin, he wants to continue surveilling every American citizen: 
He said the nation must "restore counter-terrorism and surveillance programs," drawing a sharp contrast with U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, a presidential rival who has said the government's bulk collection of data violates the constitutional rights of everyday Americans.
Despite warnings against fostering the military industrial complex, Walker would double down on his preparations for preemptive wars:
Saying the U.S. military has been weakened by budget measures, Walker called for reversing that trend, saying that defeating ISIS and containing Iran would require a "greater investment of U.S. resources."
Our frightened little governor's preoccupation with tourism...ah, I mean terrorism, should give some pause:
Walker misspoke a couple of times. He quickly corrected himself after saying "tourism" instead of "terrorism" and he garbled what was to be one of his more memorable lines. Walker was to say, 
"Yes, the world is complex, but some things are simple: There is good and there is evil." 

Instead, he said, 

"Yes, the world is complex, but there are simple things out there: There is good and there is bad."
God will someone wake me from this Walker nightmare? Here are the more jaw dropping moments:

And from someone who's been there before, came this assessment of Walker's world conquest ambitions: Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who served under then-President Bill Clinton, disagreed in a recent opinion column:
"Today, America's place in the world is far stronger than it was in 2009 thanks to the leadership of President Obama and former Secretary Clinton. They renewed alliances, relentlessly pursued our terrorist enemies, and forged international coalitions on Iran sanctions and on the fight against climate change."

Sheriff Clarke challenges Obama to protect himself, give up Secret Service Protections...but forgets to ask Walker to do the same thing.

Awhile back Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke decided to lighten up on the security detail for President Obama's visit to Milwaukee, because he was having a tantrum over budget cuts he disagreed with.

Fox 6: Sheriff Clarke said the protection of the President of the United States is the responsibility of the Secret Service, and local law enforcement provides a supporting role. Sheriff Clarke ... saying budget limitation forced the department to scale back its involvement. Clarke said the sheriff’s office used to set aside money to protect presidents in years past, but the County Board and Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele eliminated that funding.
Fast forward to yesterday, when Clarke went further, suggesting Obama give up his security guards altogether to see how he likes risking his life daily, like every Joe average citizen supposedly does.
The sheriff accuses Democrats of "exploiting misery and tragedy" to pursue a political, anti-gun agenda.
"But here's my challenge to the president of the United States, you think this is so easy. Forego your Secret Service protection, for you, for the first lady, and your children, and see what it is like to have to fend yourself. And then we'll sit down and have a conversation so you know what we here at ground level have to deal with on a daily base in terms of self-defense."
Big talk from a guy in a uniform carrying a gun.

But he should offer the same challenge to Scott Walker. Let's see if Walker will feel safe and secure carrying his own firearm, ready to protect himself and his family.

For Clarke, the carnage is an acceptable price we all have to pay for his misreading the 2nd Amendment. Shit happens, die for it. Credit Clarke for being honest and admitting there's nothing he do to improve public safety, except give more people guns:

Clarke said the Constitution does not prevent terrible things, such as this week's horrific murders near Roanoke, from happening. "Well, look, Sean, as you know, terrible things happen in this world from time to time. We have to be a little more humble about our ability to prevent every horrific situation from happening. 

So if we're trying to make this absolute, that none of these things will ever happen again, we're working on the wrong thing, because unfortunately the world we live in, with the evil that exists, it's going to happen."
Aren't you proud Milwaukee County voters?

Scott Walker's Gun Killings solution: Let's find and treat everyone with mental illness.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell summed it well when he described the Republican response to the out-of-control gun death toll in the U.S..
"It's not like the Republicans have found something they actually want to do about this, it sounds like they want to use the phrase "mental health" to suggest there's no government responsibility." 
Scott Walker stands out as the most hypocritical of them all on mental health solutions. See the contrasting actions picture to the right. And it's not just Walker, it's every Republican trying to shred our social safety nets that include money for treating mental health.

In taking a political cheap shot at Hillary Clinton, Walker was also taking an insensitive slap at the father of the reporter killed in Virginia. After all, what does he know:
"It's unfortunate that all too often we've seen from people like Hillary Clinton a political reaction to something that's much more sophisticated and challenging than that. The common thread we see in many of these cases is a failure in the system to help someone who is suffering from mental illness." 
Big talk and empty excuses. Like everything else, Walker believes a little positive spin and rhetoric will result in positive, happy, rainbow filled outcomes for all.
"One, I think in general if anyone focuses on racial discord we’re going to get more. If we focus on unity we’re going to get more of that.
Just as ridiculous are those politicians who want to change human nature first. Yes, that's really their solution. I thought they didn't believe in evolution?

The video below doesn't just show Walker's forgettable "mental health" solution that will fade after a few days, but similar statements by the other GOP presidential candidates who just want to get this behind them.

Clinton said that if guns weren't so readily available, perhaps carnage like the killings of WDBJ-TV reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward by a disgruntled former employee could be prevented.
Naw, let's talk about mental health for a few days. Next up, a talking point solution for those shooters who don't have mental issues. That might take some time...

GOP's CBO chief says: Tax Cuts don't pay for themselves!!!

So the good news is, the national economy did even better than anyone thought it could, and we’re just talking about the second quarter:
The U.S. economy grew more in the second quarter on larger gains in consumer and business spending.
Letting those Bush tax cuts expire worked wonders, allowing the wealthy pay a little more.

It also looks like Scott Walker is again benefiting from the national economic recovery. The state ended up taking in $71 million more than expected in the last budget year:
…up 0.5% over the previous projections … extra money is enough to pay the state's expenses for a little less than two days. Corporate income taxes were particularly strong last fiscal year.
The dependable Walker lackey’s...I'm sorry..."fellows," at the MacIver Institute were quick to make is seem like Walker's tax cuts, not the spending cuts, resulted in magic revenues:

Supply Side Myth Busted: And yet, just a few days ago, Republicans were betrayed by their own handpicked director of the CBO:
Reuters: The new Republican-appointed director of the Congressional Budget Office delivered some bad news on Tuesday to the party's "Reaganomics" devotees: Tax cuts don't pay for themselves through turbocharged economic growth.

"No, the evidence is that tax cuts do not pay for themselves," Keith Hall said in response to a reporter's question. "And our models that we're doing, our macroeconomic effects, show that."
But I've only scratched the surface here. You have to check out the numbers and their deceptive manipulation by Walker to believe the unbelievable. At Jake's Economic TA Funhouse,
Sorry MacIver, Wisconsin's tax cuts did not raise revenues

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Republican hypocrites demand Clinton apology for saying their "views about women" similar to "some of the terrorist groups."

Who can forget this vilification of American protesters exercising their 1st Amendment right to redress their government:

Walker: “We need a leader with that kind of confidence. If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world."
That was just fine with rank and file Republican voters. There were no objections or apologies. And yes, Walker compared Wisconsin protesters to ISIS.

Fast forward to the following comment from Hillary Clinton defending women's rights:

“Extreme views about women – we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. We expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world..." Clinton said to cheers.
So what are our hypocritical Republican "war on women" warriors saying:
“For Hillary Clinton to equate her political opponents to terrorists is a new low for her flailing campaign. She should apologize immediately for her inflammatory rhetoric,” said Republican National Committee Press Secretary Allison Moore.
Do Republicans really want to go there? Of course.

Salon's Joan Walsh went a little deeper into Walker's bizarre comparison that his clueless supporters deny to this day, as shown in these tweets. Just to be clear, many of the protesters weren't in unions and showed up supporting WORKERS in general:

Joan Walsh: Walker himself tried denying that he’d compared Wisconsin protesters to ISIS.  
“You all will misconstrue things the way you see fit. But I think it’s pretty clear, that’s the closest thing I have in terms of handling a difficult situation, not that there’s any parallel between the two.” 
He made a similar argument at the New York event where Rudy Giuliani upstaged him … according to Larry Kudlow, an event co-sponsor:
"Walker argued that when Reagan fired the PATCO air-traffic controllers over their illegal strike, he was sending a message of toughness to Democrats and unions at home as well as our Soviet enemies abroad. Similarly, Walker believes his stance against unions in Wisconsin would be a signal of toughness to Islamic jihadists and Russia’s Vladimir Putin."
Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry quickly criticized Walker’s remarks:
"That is a terrible response. First, taking on a bunch of protesters is not comparably difficult to taking on a Caliphate … Secondly, it is insulting to the protesters, a group I take no pleasure in defending. The protesters in Wisconsin … they’re Americans, and as much as we may find their ideas, worldview, and perspective spectacularly wrongheaded, they don’t deserve to be compared to murderous terrorists." 

Conan vs "Trump!"

Love this stuff, nails it:

Online Charter School K12, Inc robbing taxpayers, doling out salaries in the millions.

Don't say we didn't warn you. 

Diane Ravitch supplied us with the ugly salaries below for the biggest con artists and the biggest educational failure yet by the privateers. Tightwad conservative voters who thought public school teachers were overpaid...well, they should be flaming on after seeing this taxpayer ripoff:
Executive Salaries at K12, Inc.While teachers across the nation have salaries lower than those of other professions and often need to take a second job to make ends meet, the executives at Michael Milken’s cyber charter chain K12, Inc. are faring very well indeed.

Their schools have high student turnover and low graduation rates, but it is a very profitable business.

The chairman of the board and CEO made $4.2 million last year.

The former CEO made $4 million.

The executive vice-president and chief financial officer made $824,000.

The president and chief operating officer made $5.5 million.

The executive Vice President, secretary, and chief counsel made $1.1 million.

The executive Vice President and manager of school services made $854,000.

Numbers are rounded. Remember: It is all about the kids.

Republicans wrong again about Minimum Wage hike killing jobs!

At every opportunity, it's important to point out how wrong Republicans are about almost everything. Heck, we even knew they were wrong at the time about the minimum wage killing jobs, and said so. Actual real world proof wasn't enough for them, remember? 

So here we go again, with a dose of reality:
New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) disproves allegations promoted by Fox News that the 2015 increase in Seattle's minimum wage has destroyed restaurant jobs. Media Matters debunked an anti-minimum wage report produced by the conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and promoted by Fox News that relied on cherry-picked data to allege that Seattle's decision to increase its minimum wage to $11 per hour in 2015 was negatively affecting the city's job market. But as all of us on the left safely predicted:
The BLS report pointed to a less than 1 percent change in total food service employment after the wage increase went into effect on April 1 as proof of the right-wing media myth that raising wages hurts more workers than it helps.

Now, newly-released data from the BLS reveals that Seattle's food service industry has actually added 1,800 jobs since the start of the year, despite the higher wage:

Of course these actual numbers, disproving right wing lies, are "liberal" and made up by me....